Our Story

We love what can happen when people are in Shisha/Hookah lounge.

Since 1998, we have been committed to empowering that experience. From helping lounges behind the scenes to grow and run their businesses, to enabling visitors to discover and try the best Shisha and experience every time they are out, our story is one of connection—among Shisha lovers, and the lounges and the Shisha/Hookah community.

Shishastuff is just the start. Now, we are growing nationally and internationally like never before, and continuing to lead the conversation in the tech and Shisha spaces with products that anticipate the changing needs of lounges and their visitors.

As we span social cultures, we’re very aware of an essential ingredient in making the power of our products possible. YOU.

You are the reason why we work hard to be one step ahead of the moment and what inspires us to embody the true spirit of hospitality.

So, pull up a chair, and join us…..in the Shishastuff experience